High Density Mobile Filing System

Mobile Filing System Handle Operation with Wooden Cladding Panels (option extra)

      Cabinet Construction
 The filing system sides have specially designed braces with 25mm slotted lips for reconfiguration of internal fittings, with out a service team required.
 The complete filing cabinet is made from 1mm thick cold rolled material.
 The filing cabinets have a structured site siminsagh 
powder coated finish.
 The filing cabinet comes in a knock down form, for ease of installation and transportation.
 Both sides of the filing cabinets are epoxy coasted to 80 microns thick.

 The filing system comes with a central locking device that securely locks the filing system together with one key.

  Different colors of Cladding Panels available on request.

Tandem Mobile Filing System Chain Wheel Operation

 Tandem Mobile Filing System with perforated steel cladding panels.
 Metal frames with slotted braces.
 Central locking system.
 Metal sheet carcass.
 Will provide double the storage capacity in a given space when compared with static cupboards.
 Costly floor space can be halved for your current volume of records or volume can be doubled in the existing floor space.
 High density units eliminate wasteful access aisles being required for every unit by rolling apart.
 Installation is simple as no floor preparation is required and a full program of multimedia interior fittings is available.
 Internal fittings can be easily changed.
 Units fitted with shelves can easily be re-fitted with drawers, or any other of the wide range of components available.

Single Mobile Filing System Handle Operation (manual)

Base Construction
 A smooth running and easy leveling.
 Heavy duty sealed bearings are used for a maintenance free system.
 The floors are 16mm thick commercials chipboard, fitted with carpeting.
 The base and the wagons are epoxy coated to 100 microns thick.
 The filling system's base is not fixed to the floor and can be extended as filing requirements increase.
Examples of Mobile Configuration 

Lateral Mobile Filing Systems
Examples of 
Mobile Lateral Filing Systems

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